1.7.2021 732 € donated to Rainforest Concern & the new charity!

As you know, we are committed to donating one percent of Named’s turnover to environmental charities via 1% For the Planet. As a part of our 2021 donation, we have just supported Rainforest Concern by 732.15 €!

Part of this sum was raised via our charity pattern Delia. As of July 2021 however, we are no longer raising donations using a charity pattern. Delia will continue to be sold, simply not as a charity pattern - we still love Delia, but it is obvious that her sales performance is no longer charity-worthy! We continue to support environmental charities simply by donating 1% of our turnover during a certain period of time.

From July 1st until the end of 2021, our charity target is Wild Tomorrow Fund, a non-profit dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival. Wild Tomorrow Fund wants to ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible. They work on the ground in southern Africa and their vision is for a world in which wildlife habitats are expanded and protected, and where existing reserves have the resources needed to keep their animals safe. 

As a Named customer, you will automatically support this extremely important cause!


We will be on holidays for the entire July. While we are out of office, the web shop orders will be handled and dispatched only once a week, which will affect the shipping time.

If you order books, fabrics or printed patterns from our web shop in July, you might have to wait for your order up to a week longer than usual. We are very sorry about the delay!

Remember that many of our resellers serve their customers through the entire summer. Also take note that all PDF pattern orders are automated, and they will be delivered to your email normally.

During our holidays you can find help at our FAQ, or contact

Thank you, and have a beautiful summer!

Saara & Laura

12.4.2021 NEW BOOK & FABRICS!

So much is happening here at Named this April! On the 1st of April we released our very first mini collection of herringbone-weave linen blend fabrics. The collection includes two colors, a light and clear gray Hopea, and the bright and vernal yellow Kulta!

Our second sewing book Building the Pattern will be released on April 29th! You can already pre-order your signed copy here. By pre-ordering you will not only be among the first sewists to receive the book, but you’ll also get a free sample swatch of Kulta and Hopea, together with a 10% discount code for the fabrics!

Building the Pattern focuses on equipping you with tools that help you create clothes that suit your personal shape and style. It offers advice on how to achieve the perfect fit, and the most personal design! The book’s collection consists of six pattern bundles that are easy to make, modify, wear and combine.

Kulta and Hopea are woven from European linen and certified organic cotton. Linen is an eco friendly and durable fabric, organic cotton is a better choice for regular cotton. You can read more about these fibers and their sustainable properties on our material guide. When sewing and buying fabrics we always recommend moderation and only shopping for need, not to stash up! 

8.3.2021 - Our donation to Drip by Drip!

Named has committed to donating one percent of its turnover to environmental charities via 1% For the Planet. As a part of our 2020 donation, we have just supported Drip by Drip by 1,312.08 €!

Drip by Drip exists because the textile industry is consuming and polluting fresh water. This can be solved, the fashion industry just needs a paradigm shift!

Drip by Drip is a non-for-profit organization that is working to provide information and global solutions for the water issues caused by the textile industry, engaging with consumers and professionals to spark change. They work towards that goal by informing and consulting to highlight the correlation between water and fashion offering a platform of exchange for producers, brands and consumers; Creating water-friendly solutions from fibre to the final product at all stages of the supply chain; Developing water saving materials; Improving industry water management, as well as repairing the pollution in areas heavily affected by the textile industry!

In Bangladesh, unfiltered industrial wastewater has already polluted the ground and surface water that nourishes both humans and livestock. Drip by Drip fund water projects in areas that have been negatively affected by the textile industry wastewater. Together with their local partners, they implement biosand filters in Dhaka or one of the surrounding villages in Nabinagar and Savar.

Bangladesh is the second largest producer and exporter of garments worldwide. It’s clothing industry employs a total of 4.1 million people. The clothing industry alone accounts for 84% of the country's total export earnings.  

Each biosand filter costs 1,500€, lasts for 10+ years and provides 90 families with access to clean drinking water. Moreover, it takes only 25 days to complete the construction and setup of one biosand filter which then requires very low maintenance.

Please read more about Drip by Drip, and if you wish to donate, you can do it here.

Drip by Drip picture: children in Bangladesh


We are excited to announce that our charity pattern Delia succeeded to raise 442,75 Euros for our target, Plan international’s COVID-19 pandemic appeal, during the period of November 2020 thru January 2021!

It is clear why this cause is topical and important right now. While this crisis is affecting everyone on this planet, it has been more than just a setback for the most vulnerable children, girls and young women, unraveling decades of progress in equality.

We think that every child in this planet should have a chance to go to school. Denying children the right for education is not only a disadvantage on a personal level, but it has vast consequences on their communities, countries as well as the planet and even climate crisis. Currently, coronavirus is interrupting education, disrupting protective structures and placing families and communities under stress. It’s putting groups that are already in disadvantage, such as girls, at the greatest risk.

Plan International is raising 100 million Euros to protect the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities from the impacts of COVID-19. The appeal covers more than 50 countries, focused on assisting children, particularly girls, who are disproportionately affected by the crisis.

Named’s part of that 100 million might be just a fraction, but with that amount we can already offer a distance learning package with pre-recorder lessons for one hundred children, or distance education materials for a hundred teachers.

How was this donation amount raised? The total sum consists of all revenue from the sale of the charity pattern Delia beanie, with all taxes, transaction fees, and the resellers’ share deducted. In short, this donation came directly from all of you who shopped our charity pattern between November and January!

Read more about Plan’s work, and donate. Also read about our current charity target.

Plan International picture: girl at school


We are opening a sample garment sale on the 1st of February, 2021!

Between 2013 and 2021, Named has released ten complete pattern collections, and some single patterns here and there. Needless to say that we’re pretty much drowning in sample garments by now! It is very wasteful to store perfectly usable garments unused in a rack. These garments deserve some wear.

We have hand-picked eleven samples for this sample sale. Since these are samples, they are only available in one size. Each sample is hand made by the designers, or by our sewist-mom. Most of them have been worn only once for the photoshoot, and are otherwise unused, so they are in spotless condition. Whenever a garment has some signs of wear or defects, such as pilling, stains or sewing errors, that is stated under the ‘condition’ section of the product page.

The fabric info and garment care instructions can be found in the product card as well. Note that we don’t generally recommend tumble drying for any garments, as it might damage the fabric. Sadly, we do not know the origin or composition of all fabrics, and in these cases the fabric is marked ‘unknown’ with an estimate of its fibre composition. All fabrics have been pre-washed before cutting.

The price of each sample is always calculated based on two factors: The estimated amount of work hours, and the material cost. To make things simple and transparent, the estimated price of work is based on the style of the garment, as shown below. The material cost is also determined using an average value, listed below. This average value is multiplied with the fabric requirement of the garment in its size. If the garment has been used or it has any defects, a discount of 5 - 10 % is also deducted from the price.

Work cost

T-shirts & tops, no closure - 50 €
Simple dresses & trousers, no closure - 60 €
Shirts & blouses with button or zipper closure - 80 €
Dresses & trousers with button or zipper closure - 90 €
Detailed dresses, trousers & jumpsuits - 100 €
Lined blouses, dresses & skirts - 110 €
Simple jackets & blazers - 120 €
Coats & detailed outerwear - 150 €

Fabric cost

Basic knit fabrics - 10 €/ m
Specialty knit fabrics - 15 €/ m
Shirtings (cotton, viscose, tencel) - 15 €/ m
Linen - 30 €/ m
Designer fabrics - 30 €/ m
Polyester fabrics - 12 €/ m
Coating fabrics - 25 €/ m
Wool fabrics - 45€/ m
Linings and interlinings - 10 €/ m


We will leave for our winter holidays on December 21st, and return to the office on January 4th. During the holidays, our customer service and web shop deliveries are on pause.

For web shop orders this means that all orders placed between December 21st and January 4th will be handled and shipped on January 4th, 2021.

We would like to thank everyone for sticking with us during this crazy, eventful year. 2020 has undoubtedly been a significant year for Named and the two of us personally. We are already looking forward to the 2021 with gret excitement, hopefully you are, too!

Happy holidays <3
Laura & Saara

2.12.2020 - We are hiring!

The application time has ended, thank you to all applicants. <3

Are you the commercial multi-talent we’re looking for? Named is searching for a part-time Sales and Marketing Assistant to start in January 2021! The work includes B2B sales and billing, customer service, social media management, content production and visual marketing.

We are looking for someone with an education or experience in the commercial field and social media, great communicational skills and fluent English skills. Finnish is considered a plus. The tasks also require a good visual eye as well as mastering the basics of Creative Cloud tools (Photoshop and Illustrator in particular). Experience from sewing and crafts would be an advantage.

We will offer you the possibility to develop our brand and yourself in our small but inspiring and enthusiastic team!

If you are a proactive and innovative, outgoing person with a great personality, please send your application and CV to! The position will be filled as soon as we find the perfect match. <3


Job title: Sales and Marketing Assistant
Starts: 4.1.2021
Tasks: B2B sales, customer service and relations, social media management, marketing
Working time: Part-time, 16-24 h/ week
Salary: Commercial sector’s collective agreement (Kaupan alan TES)
Work experience: 0-3 years, suitable for students or recently graduated
Workplace: Mäkelänkatu 45 LH07, 00550 Helsinki

3.11.2020 - Welcome to our new site

During the year 2020 a lot of changes have happened here at Named. We have moved to a new office and hired a part-time assistant Tessa, but most importantly, we have been released some improvements to our products and services. The new pattern packaging and updated range of printed and PDF patterns was released in July. These renewed patterns include a number of small and large changes, of which you can read all about in detail on our Updates page.

In November, we also published our brand new and improved website and web shop, which you are looking at right now! Let’s take a tour around the site to familiarize ourselves with all its new features. First of all, in the web shop, it is now much easier to sort and filter patterns according to your demand – select a printed or PDF pattern, choose your skill level, or pick the type of fabric you are working with from the top menu of the shop. Once you’re on the product page, scroll down to see pattern details, material requirements, finished measurements and other info easily with just a quick glance.

The new shop is not at all the most important change on our new site: we have also added - and will continue adding - information, instructions and tutorials about using our patterns, sewing, and making pattern alterations. You can find all this information under the Instructions section on the navigation menu!

This year, we have also discussed ways we could develop our company by supporting causes that are close to our heart. Nature and the future of our planet is something that worries us, so we have taken action and joined an environmental charity plan. In addition, we’re contributing to other, topical causes by donating all revenue from our charity patter Delia to varying charities. You can read all about our charity work and partners under the Charity section of this site.

In case you don’t know who are the people behind this brand called Named, you can get to know the two of us and how Named was born in Our story! Read more about our philosophy behind starting an indie pattern label in the first place, in Our philosophy, and the way we work towards a more sustainable business in Sustainability.

Unfortunately, the website update didn’t come without any drawbacks. Sadly, while switching from our previous platform to a different one enabled many improvements, it also caused something unexpected - It turned out that copying all existing customer accounts from platform to another was not possible. Due to that, we lost almost all customer accounts from the past seven years. However, your account from the original shop might have been lost, but not all hope has! You can create a new and better customer account here, and ask us to send any un-downloaded pdf patterns from the old account directly to your email. All future orders will be saved onto your new account, where you can download them any time you want without limits. Our FAQ page also answers this, and many more questions that often are asked from us.

As always, we are eager to hear feedback from our community, so please if there’s anything that you think isn’t working on our site, or what you miss from our old site, just send us a message! You can send all feedback to our info address, but for customer service, please contact Tessa at